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Session Duration

45 minutes


Who is this consultation for?

For anyone suffering from any organic disease.

For anyone suffering from any chronic diseases.

For anyone who is ill and doesn't know the cause of their illness.

For anyone suffering from a recurring illness and doesn't know the cause.

For anyone who has a diagnosed illness.

(Psychosomatic illnesses)

What do you benefit from Emergency Consultation ?

Determining an individual's health level.

Understanding the psychological causes of organic illness.

Times of disease manifestation in the body.

Messages of diseases

Dana Hamdi

  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Health Informatics (Health Informatics Specialist).
  • Then I studied mental health, specializing in Metahealth. I am certified as the youngest Master of Metahealth in the Arab world by the International Metahealth Foundation.
  • Certified life coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • I founded the mission "Your Awareness, Your Health" to serve as a gateway to a better life for everyone I can reach with my message. I leap with them into the depths of the psyche, searching behind the roots of emotional and psychological traumas. I accompany my explanations with therapeutic attempts based on the integrated structure and the profound relationship between the body.
  • In 2020, I established the Dana Hamdi Foundation for Training and Consulting in the United States.
  • I helped more than 800 heroines and individuals around the world to understand the roots of diseases and heal from them.
  • The founder of the Brace Yourself initiative, you are not alone; with you in every place and time.

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