When The Body Speaks

About Meta Health, it is the psychological tool that will unlock the secrets of diseases. It's a very special journey. Here, you will understand your body, this mass of muscles, veins, and vital organs, and its greatest puzzle, consciousness, through the practical theory of Meta Health. So, you will understand the nature of your mind and body. It's an extremely exciting journey that will reassess your perceptions. Are you ready?

83 Pages

06 Chapters

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Book Index

Chapter One

A unique journey into the world of Metahealth

Chapter Two

About shocks and feelings of betrayal

Chapter Three

About shocks and feelings of separation

Chapter Four

About shocks and feelings of empowerment

Chapter Five

About shocks and feelings of coercion

Chapter Six

Shock and the shock cycle in a person's life

What will you benefit from the book?

You will discover the secrets of Metahealth and how it can change your life for the better.

Understanding yourself and your human emotions more deeply

How the body interacts with emotions, a deeper understanding of the biological interaction between physiological and mental aspects.

The psychological and emotional reasons for illnesses

Why do we get sick? And why does our body sometimes not respond to a healing system?

Who is this book for?

For anyone searching for the cause.

For anyone struggling to understand the psychological reasons for their illnesses.

For anyone who has experienced a health crisis and still suffers.

For anyone who has misconceptions and false beliefs about illnesses.

For every individual facing health challenges, despite the absence of a medical cause.

Customer reviews & experiences

Dana Hamdi

  • I am Dana Hamdi, holder of a Bachelor's degree in Health Informatics.
  • Then I studied mental health, specializing in Metahealth. I am certified as the youngest Master of Metahealth in the Arab world by the International Metahealth Foundation. 
  • Certified life coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • I founded the "Your Health Awareness" initiative to serve as a gateway to a better life for everyone who can receive my message. I immerse them into the depths of the psyche and search for the roots of emotional and psychological traumas, accompanying my explanations with therapeutic attempts based on holistic frameworks and a strong connection with the body.
  • In 2020, Dana Hamdi Foundation for Training and Consultancy was established in the United States. 
  • I have helped more than 800 courageous and determined women. As the founder of the "Fadfadah Initiative", remember, you are not alone; I am with you everywhere and at all times. 
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